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be the reason someone smiles today

Hi and welcome to Sweet Lemon, I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy it! It’s full of easy and nutritious plant based recipes which not only taste delicious but also benefit your body, your health and your mind.

My recipes are all ‘plant based, clean’ eating, full of wonderfully delicious natural flavours. There’s lots of fun recipes too, healthy eating isn’t just about salads, smoothies and juices. It’s about tasting real food, real flavours, using wonderful fresh produce. It’s about being inventive with fresh herbs, it’s about making creamy desserts using nuts, it’s about bringing food alive with fresh lemons, it’s about making rice from cauliflower and pizza from butternut squash.

Eating a plant based diet has given me more energy, helped me to lose weight, give me drive and creativity and made me stronger emotionally and mentally. This way of eating has now become the norm for, it’s about eating wonderful foods that nourish you and leave you feeling amazing!

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