Avocado, Tomato, Olive, Butterbean & Basil Salad

What a fabulous array of ingredients, anything with those in plus some balsamic and olive oil is guaranteed to taste amaing!! Add to this some gorgeous september sunshine and I'm in heaven. The secret to lifting it to a new level is to make sure you use really good quality ingredients that are full of flavour. This is especially important with the tomatoes as you are going to squeeze every bit of sweetness out of them. The juice at the bottom of the bowl just cries out to be mopped up with some gorgeous fresh italian bread.


Big Handful Cherry tomatoes halved

Avocado chopped into chunks

Half a cup Pitted olives

1 Tin Drained and rinsed butterbeans

Extra virgin olive oil about 1/4 cup

Balsamic vinegar about 2 tablespoons

Himalayan rock salt and ground black pepper

Bunch of fresh basil leaves

Some roughly chopped fresh rosemary


Put your halved tomatoes into a bowl and squeeze them between your fingers to get lots of the juice out. Then stir in the olive oil, balsamic, black pepper and salt to taste.Gently stir in the remaining ingredients then serve. Delicious with some of your favourite italian bread!

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