Fresh Juice Ice Lollies

Ice Lollies made with fresh juice taste amazing & the great thing is you know exactly whats gone into them so they are especially good for your little ones. Have fun experimenting with different juices, don't just do single fruit juices be inventive, use whatever you have in, don't just restrict it to fruits use vegetables too. Carrors in particular work really well with orange as they are so sweet & celery always produces plenty of juice & goes well with apple & pear. For these lollies I used my Jolly Green Juice which is a green juice, so not only are they very thirst quenching the lollies are also full of vitamins and goodness.


Homemade juices I used were.....

Jolly Green Juice (recipe is under juices)

Orange & carrot juice.

Berry & Mango juice

Plus some strawberries.


Make up the juices then fill the ice lolly moulds one third with Jolly green juice and pop in the freezer to set.

When set, put some slices of strawberry on the inside of each side of the lolly mold and pop back in the freezer till frozen.

Remove and then add the next juice, mine was carrot and orange and fill another third of the mould plus the sticks and then place back in the freezer till set.

Finally fill the remaining third with your chosen juice, I used berry & mango, and pop back in the freezer to set.

Remove from the moulds and enjoy.

You can if you like drizzle melted raw chocolate on top & some thick tinned coconut milk plus some nuts or seeds.

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