Marinated Kale salad

This really, really is my favourite salad and it does make me feel rather virtous knowing I'm eating Kale...and enjoying it. Raw Kale is just rather undigestable, pile of green, but hailed as a food we should eat. Now marinated Kale is a differnet matter, especially when its been massaged so it surrenders & wilts into something completely unrecognisable seriously need to give it a try! Then mixed with sweet juicy pomegranate and creamy avocado its just awesome.


2 Good handfuls of washed Kale.

3 Teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.

2 Teaspoons of Tamari.

1 Teaspoon of Tahini.

1 Avocado peeled and chopped into chunks.

1 Good handful of pomegranate seeds.

1 Handful of pecans.

1 Handful of pumpkin seeds.


Wash and dry the Kale and put into a large bowl, add the oil, tamari and tahini and then masage it all together with your fingers till it wilts and softens. it usually takes me about 2 minutes to do this.

Add the other ingredients and stir in gently and serve.

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