Raw Chocolate Tarts

Not only do these Raw Chocolate Tarts taste amazing they look amazing and incredibly easy to make. They will look impressive served up to your friends, like you've been slaving over a hot stove all afternoon...if only they knew ;)


1 Cup of blanched almonds.

1/2 Cup of pitted dates.

1/2 cup Unflavoured melted coconut oil.

1/2 Cup raw cacao powder.

Pinch of Himalayan Rock Salt.

1/4 Cup of Maple syrup.

1/4 Cup of thick tinned coconut milk (if its watery with a thick layer when you open it, pop it into your blender and blitz it up and it should become creamy)


Blitz the almonds in your food processor till they resemble bread crumbs then add the dates one at a time and blitz till they have combined with the almonds so that when you pick some up and squeeze it between your fingers it sticks together. Push it into some loose bottom small tart tins, pushing up the sides, using your fingers then pop into the freezer while you make the filling.

Gently whisk together the remaining ingredients then pour into the tart cases and put back into the freezer till set. Usually about an hour.

Remove from the freezer and remove from the tins by pushing up firmly but carefully, then remove the base with the tip of a knife.

Decorate as desired, and store in the fridge.

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